Yoga in English

Yoga in English

Yoga is an ancient, fascinating discipline with the capability to improve your body, mind and life.

In our courses you will learn to breathe, to listen to your internal rhythms, to move your body harmoniously in space and time.

You will learn to control the noise in your mind and to recognise universal energy. Marta, our teacher, is experienced and trained: she will guide you through meditation and in the correct execution of asanas, or positions of yoga.

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Never practiced yoga before? No fear and welcome. We will make our journey together. Here’s what you need to get started:


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Frequent questions

There are no limits to practicing this practice. Yoga, through asanas (positions), helps to improve the flexibility of our body.
Yoga is a path of growth, with commitment and perseverance you can progress a lot in practice. The important thing is to start.
Yes, the important thing is to communicate your pains or injuries to the teacher, so that (s)he can adapt the lesson to the state of health of the body.
Comfortable clothing and a mat. Asana practice is done without shoes and preferably without socks. The equipment necessary for the practice is provided by the gym.
Yes, it is preferable to practice yoga on an empty stomach.